issac meyer

Since a very young age Isaac has posessed a deep appreciation for nature. He would spend hours watching how the light affected the landscape.  As an adult his love for nature and drawing led him to the Portland Art Institute where he studied color theory and computer animation. In 2010 Isaac reuinited with a highschool friend, Fine Artist Lucia Porter. Her portfolio of paintings inspired him to look farther than the pencil and begin painting with Lucia in her home. Lucia and Isaac still paint in their studio together. Isaac and Lucia open their home studio to the public every other weekend in order to allow others to see the work they are consistantly producing. Isaac's Abstract Expressionism radiates in the form of brilliant color, intense perspective, and light which pulls the viewer into his unique landscapes.  Isaac's passion for his art is felt with every brush stroke, and invites the observer to notice the many demensions that are present in his landscapes.  Isaac combines original perspectives, and dramatic subjects, offering an intriguing view into his soul. He studies light, and the effects of light on a landscape maintaining a consistant uniqueness that is truly beautiful to the observer. Isaac's desire for self expression is evident in each work and his passion for the world around him is witnessed by all who meet him.   Historical Painters such as Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, and George Innes are influences for Isaac's love of art. 

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